Money-saving Tips: Energy-efficient Shower Heads

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If you're all about saving money and making eco-friendly choices, you're in the right place. While shower heads might not seem thrilling, an energy-saving shower head can significantly cut your expenses and benefit the environment. Embrace the green lifestyle with our ultimate guide!

If you're looking to cut costs and be eco-friendly, energy-saving shower heads are the perfect solution. An average shower in the UK lasts around eight minutes and uses about 60 litres of water. Switching to an energy-efficient shower head can reduce both your water and energy bills. Since 70% of shower water is hot, using less water means heating less water, which leads to energy savings.


With energy costs on the rise, making your home more efficient is crucial. For showers connected directly to your boiler or hot water tank, an energy-efficient shower head can significantly lower your hot water usage.


Choosing the Right Shower Head

You don't have to compromise on comfort to save money and be green. Modern energy-saving shower heads provide an excellent shower experience. There are two main types to consider:


Non-Aerating Shower Heads

These shower heads create a high-pressure flow by forcing water through smaller holes. Ideal if you prefer a strong shower.


Aerating Shower Heads

These mix water with air, creating the sensation of a full-flow shower while using less water. However, the lower pressure might lead you to increase the temperature, which can offset some savings. Shorter showers are recommended for maximum efficiency.


The Benefits

Energy-saving shower heads are affordable and easy to install. The initial cost is quickly offset by the savings on your utility bills. For more details and to find the best option for your needs, contact HandyExperts today!


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