Charity support

As proud supporters of Village Water we donate £1 for every job we complete

Everyone deserves access to safe water and Village Water has helped over 1.6 million people in Zambia and Mozambique access these basic human rights.

Village Water works with independent organisations in both countries, supporting local people and business, to improve safe water, sanitation and hygiene education where people need it most - at home, schools and health clinics.

Village Water

Village Water's projects result in huge decreases in illness, which means more time for children to learn and for parents to earn a living. HandyExperts have supported them since 2019 and have seen the incredible impact safe water brings to so many.

There's no extra cost to customers but donations only apply to paid jobs and exclude courtesy visits and free quotes.

More about Village Water

Since 2004 Village Water has been committed to helping end the water and sanitation crisis in Africa. Working alongside their independent African partners to install and repair water points in villages and schools, train communities how to build and maintain their own sanitation devices (toilets, hand washing points and bath shelters) and promote good hygiene practice like proper hand washing.

These projects reduce cases of common waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and improve health long-term. Village Water also runs educational sessions on taboo subjects like menstruation and early marriage to empower young girls and break harmful stigmas and traditions that stop them from thriving.

Recent project - Mundanda village

Village Water

The picture above shows Mary Shamoonga, a 71 year old widow, and her family. Mary has lived in Mundanda village located in Mumbwa District in Zambia for more than 50 years. With funds raised through HandyExperts the community borehole in the village has been rehabilitated and returned to full service.

As well as all the expected benefits of gaining a source of clean water, the people of Munganda now spend less time collecting, chopping and burning firewood to boil water for drinking and washing, activities which took up hours each day. This means more time can be spent resting, working and caring for children.

Additionally, the reduction in wood burning has resulted in fewer respiratory illnesses and related eye conditions.

Follow our blog and social media for more updates on our partnership with Village Water and if you would like to donate you can do so via our JustGiving page.

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