What Type of Flooring is Best in Your Home?

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Is your flooring choice working for you right now? Or has the daily traffic made it shabby over time? If you are beginning to think about what flooring will suit your home best before you take the plunge and get new flooring fitted, read on as we explore some questions to ask yourself before you consider what type of flooring is best for you.

Do You Have Children or Pets?
The number one question and a question that can pretty much make or break your flooring choices! As much as we love them, children and pets are a big contributor on how long your flooring will last and how it weathers over time. If you have decided to go with a hard floor for easier cleaning due to spills and messes, consider a harder wood floor such as oak, walnut and cherry in favour of softer wood like pine or chestnut as these can be easily scratched with claws or toys.

Most laminate floors on the market are also designed with durability in mind. If you would like something softer to protect little ones and stop the dog skidding along, a carpet is the next best choice. Consider getting a darker colour or a highly patterned carpet where accidents won’t be as obvious.

What is Your Budget?
The price of flooring varies greatly depending on the material, style and colours used. If your budget is on the lower side, laminate flooring comes in a huge range of budget friendly options and styles and look complimentary when paired with the overall style of your home. Laminate flooring can range from lower cost to mid and high range so it’s best to browse and see what options are available to you within your budget. Laminate flooring is also fairly durable over time in low moisture homes.

If you prefer carpet, the lower the pile, the more cost effective it will be, but won’t feel as luxurious under bare feet. Loop pile carpet on the other hand is very durable and great for high traffic areas but will eat into your budget more.

Would You Prefer Low Maintenance Flooring?
As far as maintenance is concerned some floors are better than others. If you don’t mind investing time into keeping your flooring pristine and your budget allows, solid hardwood looks beautiful but takes time and effort to take care of properly. If you are low on time or have any very high traffic areas in your home, vinyl flooring is a great choice. Laminate flooring also falls into the low maintenance bracket but does need some care against getting too wet while cleaning and is best cleaned with a very slightly damp mop to avoid warping.

We hope this guide has helped you make the right choice for your home and family when it comes to flooring. If you need a flooring fitter, we can help with that too! Our HandyExperts are on call to take care of all your flooring needs and getting a quote is quick and easy. Click here to start your quote or message us on WhatsApp.

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