What To Do If You've Got A Leaky Pipe

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If you’ve got a leaky pipe, rest assured it can be an easy fix for a professional. Something that can be sorted out quickly for you.

But, naturally, a leaky pipe can be stressful because it may affect your normal day-to-day. Which is why you want to act promptly. From not being able to have your morning shower to only getting a thimbleful of water from the tap. Without access to clean running water, life would be difficult and inconvenient. By calling HandyExperts, your leaky pipe/s will be fixed correctly to ensure no further inconvenience or damage is caused

Leaking pipe warning signs

There should be signs of a pipe leaking before any serious damage happens. Noticing these will save you a lot of time and money. They often include:

• Wet spots
• Your water bill going up more than usual
• Musty-smelling rooms
• Visible mould or mildew

If you have any of these concerns, again it is always best to get it checked by the professionals before it escalates.

What to do when you think you have a leak?

As you know, water loves nothing more than running downhill. This can mean that water often runs to a number of locations before dripping. The best way to assess where the leak is coming from is to start by drying the area thoroughly. This will help highlight the specific area that is leaking; whether it is the pipe or joint. Knowing where the leak is coming from will help the plumber when they arrive.

Then you need to turn off the water supply to that pipe. If it’s a case of turning off the water supply to your property, simply turn your water valve clockwise to close. The valve will usually be in your kitchen or bathroom. This will prevent any new water adding to the issue, depending on which pipe the leak is coming from.

Now it’s time to give the experienced plumbers at HandyExperts a call.

How can HandyExperts help?

Here at HandyExperts, there are a number of professional plumbers on hand to help you. This will save you having to wait a long time to get the problem checked and/or fixed. Someone will assist you quickly and you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that they have experience and work to a guaranteed service level.

For any domestic or commercial plumbing issues, contact HandyExperts. In fact, you can benefit from services covering a wide range of trades skills. Everything under one convenient roof for you!

With HandyExperts, you can book your job quickly online or by calling us on 0330 912 2323. We’ll help get a qualified tradesperson out to you as soon as we can. You’ll even have our own dedicated team of account managers to assist you with the job and anything else you might need.

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