The Do's and Don'ts of Home Improvement

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Have you started thinking about improving your home to make it lighter, brighter and more attractive? Before you begin on your home makeover mission, here are some vital do’s and don’ts of home improvement! Take a look.

Do Practice Safety
Whatever you do in your home and whenever you do it, always think safety first! Only use small ladders for smaller and lower jobs unless you have someone with you to hold the ladder or get help if needed. Always keep a fully stocked first aid kit close by and ensure you are 100% sure in what you are doing as DIY accident statistics remain among the highest.

Don’t Use the Wrong Tools for the Job
Apart from the danger of using the wrong tools and risking getting hurt as you carry out your DIY, not using the correct tools could mean you end up getting a professional to finish the job for you, your project is unsafe in your household or it simply won’t stand the test of time.

Do Use Protective Equipment
This one seems obvious but it would surprise you how many people forfeit proper PPE when they want to get a job done quickly. Always follow the instructions and safety advice of any tools or chemicals you use, wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles or a face mask if it’s required.

Don’t Forget to Tidy Your Work Area
Keeping your work area tidy as you go about your project will significantly reduce the risk of trips, falls or accidents as you work. Aside from safety, working in a clean and tidy space allows you to focus completely on the task at hand.

Do Know Your Limits
Before you start a project, ask yourself what you are capable of. Are you an expert tradesperson or have you got a lot of experience in DIY? Are you a beginner? Would it be worth asking someone to help you on your project? Do you have the funds to buy everything you need or get a professional involved in the case something goes wrong?

Don’t Mess with Expert Jobs
The number one rule with home improvement is, never mess with anything that will put you or your household in danger. Giving the walls a lick of paint is very different to trying to fix a boiler or electricals yourself if you aren’t an expert. If it involves plumbing, gas or electricals and you aren’t a qualified tradesperson, the huge and potentially fatal risks just aren’t worth it.

We hope you enjoy your next home improvement project, if you need a helping hand or you need a qualified expert to carry out the job for you, our experts are on hand 7 days a week. Get your free, no-obligation quote here.

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