Supporting Clean Water Projects in Africa

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In association with Village Water, we are delighted to announce that our fundraising campaign has now passed the £10,000 mark thanks to the wonderful support from everyone who has contributed to date.

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Our IT consultant, at HandyExperts; Patrick Doyle, founded this initiative back in 2019 having grown up in Zambia. Village Water is transforming lives in Zambia and Mozambique in their efforts to provide safe, clean water to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

Patrick commented “I’m hoping to bring together office staff, trade partners and customers with contributions of any amount” he added “A few of us from HandyExperts will be putting our bodies on the line to carry out various activities from time to time

Our initial fundraising initiative saw us reach the first milestone when we raised £4,600 in November 2020. This enabled us to provide clean water to the Limbwa village in Western Province in Zambia, where 169 people live.

This was made possible through the dedication of the team at Village Water and for those who had contributed to our fundraising campaign.

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