Our Top 5 Decorating Tips in 2023

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Is it just us or is there something about the sunlight streaming through the windows that seems to highlight all the imperfections in our homes? If you are beginning to think your home needs a refresh, here are our top 5 decorating tips for 2023.

Decide Your Budget
To avoid becoming overwhelmed with your project, it’s important to set yourself a budget before you start decorating your home. This will ensure you stay on track and really think about what needs to be done. Note down everything you want to achieve and divide the list into two parts: Wants and Needs. Prioritise your ‘Needs’ list first.

Start Small
Don’t try to tackle the whole house at once as this will lead to disappointment and leave unfinished projects in your wake. Start small and complete your decorating bit by bit as time and budget allows. Have a walk around your home and decide what needs doing first, do you want to wow your visitors with a freshly decorated hallway or is your bathroom badly in need of a refresh?

Stay Classic
Sticking to a classic tone within your home means you can change it up with the seasons or whenever you like! Use classic, calm colours on your walls and woodwork and add whatever accent colours you like using cushions, throws, ornaments or statement pieces. This way, you can go as crazy, colourful or as muted as you like, whenever you like.

Work from the Top Down
A general rule when decorating is to work from the top down. This can help you avoid unsightly ceiling drips and splatters on your freshly painted walls and skirting boards. Complete the ceiling first, then the walls and finally the skirting boards and doors.

Call in the Experts
Got plenty of ideas but just not feeling the idea of doing the decorating yourself? It might be worth calling in an expert at this point which could avoid costly mistakes and save you money in the long run. An expert will have your home looking ship shape in no time.

Need an expert to take care of your decorating needs? Our HandyExperts are just a phone call and a quote away! We can help with anything from decorating to DIY and everything in between.

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