How Safe are the Electrics in Your Home?

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If it’s been a while since you have had the electrics in your home checked or maintained you might be taking it for granted how dangerous it can be to leave electrical issues to chance. With so many electrical incidents in homes being reported each year, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure the electrics in your home are safe. Here are some indications that the electrics in your home are not safe and you need to contact a certified professional.

Electric Shocks from Appliances
Even the smallest electric shock from any appliance in your home should be a cause for concern and should prompt you to get an expert assessment from a certified electrician before you use it again. Don’t leave this to chance.

Visibly Damaged Electrical Wires or Sockets
If any of the wires or sockets in your home are damaged, burnt looking, smell peculiar or you have any other concerns, you should stop using them immediately and contact an electrician to take a look at them for you. If you are using a large number of extension cords in your home, it might be time to re-evaluate how many sockets you need and consider getting an electrician to install more for you.

Take a look at the Electrical Cords in Your Home
Are any of the electrical cords in your home tangled, in reach of children and pets, wound tightly around something or draped across potentially hot surfaces? If they are, it’s important that you remedy these situations to avoid an electrical incident in the future. Cords should be secure, tidy, not wrapped around anything, not running under carpets or furniture and kept away from children and pets who might play with or chew them.

Are Your Appliances Unplugged?
Are your appliances unplugged when they're not in use? Get in the habit of completely unplugging any appliance in your home when it isn’t being actively used, this will not only cut down on the cost of electric in your home but will ensure that wires, sockets and plugs don’t become overheated or receive a power surge.

Are any of Your Sockets, Wires or Appliances Near a Water Source?
We all know by now that water and electricity don’t mix but it’s often the most obvious dangers that catch people unaware. Avoid using any electrical appliance or run cables near a water source, ensure your hands are dry when using sockets, switches or appliances and keep wires away from aquariums, baths, showers or even plant pots.

We hope this blog has helped you to spot any potential electrical problems in your home. If you are unsure whether your electrics are safe, need expert advice or it’s been a long time since you have had the electrics serviced, we can help. Get your quote here.

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