Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

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Everyone wants to save energy in the current climate. Not only is it good for the environment, with energy prices rising rapidly, it is also good for the pocket… here are our top energy saving tips for homeowners.

Turn off Lights and Electrical Appliances

Turning off lights when you leave the room and unplugging electrical appliances when not in use can save a significant amount each year on your electricity bills. LED lights can also help your energy consumption and are becoming more popular for a reason, they last much much longer than standard lightbulbs and use far less energy to run.

Wash on a Cooler Setting

It’s a fact that washing at 30 degrees instead of 60 degrees washes your clothes just as well but uses far less energy. Washing on cooler, quicker cycles can also save unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes too. If you have old appliances, upgrading them to the later more energy efficient models could save you more money in the long run too.

Insulate Your Home

You know those annoying gaps where the draughts come in? You are losing heat through them too! Insulating your home will save money and energy and leaving you feeling more comfortable on those long Winter evenings. If insulation isn’t in your budget right now, sealing up obvious cracks and gaps and using heavy drapes or blinds on doors and windows are a good alternative.

Turn Down Thermostats

Turning down your heat and water thermostats by just 1 degree won’t be noticeable to you when you use them every day but can lower your yearly energy bills up to 5% over the course of a year. Unless you need hot water from your tap, it’s always better to use the cold tap.

Watch Your Water Usage

There are so many ways you can reduce your water consumption, here are some you can use daily: Take a shower instead of a bath, only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load, re-use water from rinsing vegetables to water your plants, turn off the taps when you brush your teeth and fix those leaky taps!

If you need an expert to carry out those odd jobs around your home and reduce your energy consumption, we are here to help. Choose from our extensive directory of experienced contractors and get a quote today.

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