Electrical Safety Tips to Follow

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Are you clued up on the these must-know electrical safety tips?


During the coldest months of the year, you rely on your electrics more than usual.


So, use this month to your advantage by tackling some of those necessary home repairs you've been putting off.

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With the coldest days of winter still to come, we've put together a list of the top four electrical safety tips for you to follow and keep your home’s electrics ticking over ⚡

1. Check your wiring regularly and get any wiring issues fixed as soon as possible - faulty wiring is a major fire hazard.

2. Make sure all of your electrical appliances are in good condition and that there is no damage to the cords.

3. Don't overload your sockets - if you have too many things plugged in, you're putting yourself at risk of an electrical fire.

4. Never use extension leads as a permanent solution - they aren't made to handle the amount of current that regular appliances use and as a result, can easily overload.

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