Creating a Home Office: Practical Tips for a Productive Workspace

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In 2020, our world changed, remote working exploded and everyone scrambled to do their best in the circumstances and set up makeshift home offices. This set a trend for remote and hybrid working for the future and some businesses have now adopted this as the norm. If you never upgraded your makeshift office or you are soon to be working a new job in a remote or hybrid environment, we have some top tips on how to transform your home office in to a practical and productive workspace. Let’s dive in.

Make It Fit for Purpose

If you've been working at the kitchen table, it’s time for a proper functional office. If you have earmarked a room in your home, you will need to get to work turning it into a productive workspace. Make a list of all the things you need to make an office work for you, including a desk and chair, lighting, filing solutions, and storage. Do you need to decorate the room before you start?


Give our HandyExperts a shout if you need some help.


Add a Little Bit of Joy

Whether it’s a photograph of your loved ones, a nice plant, or some subtle scent to get you in the zone, personalizing your workspace into a space you love to be in is important. Make your space unique to you and add something that brings you joy as you work. If you struggle to stay focused for a long time, set yourself little rewards and milestones.


Minimise Noise

To concentrate fully on your work, some form of noise reduction is important. If budget allows, soundproofing your office is the ideal solution and allows you to concentrate and take part in important meetings without any background noise. A cheaper option is to use a set of good-quality earphones to block out any external noises and distractions.


Stay Organised

Organization is key in any office but more so in your home workspace. Keep your desk and office free from unnecessary clutter and keep any important documents and files in order. This will not only help you stay focused but will allow you to work in an uncluttered environment, boosting your productivity.


Think Ergonomics

Ensuring that your office space is ergonomic and safe is paramount. There are many different ways to make your space work for you, including standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, height-adjustable monitors, and specialized equipment to make your working space comfortable and tailored to you.


Power Dress

Our last tip: power dress for your home office! It might be tempting to start work in your pyjamas straight after breakfast, but getting ready for work as if you are leaving the house can really help get you in a productive mindset and prepare you to tackle your day. The best thing is, you can jump straight back in your pyjamas after work with no commute!


Share Your Tips

How do you organize your remote workspace? We would love to hear some of your tips and tricks. If you need help transforming your space into an office, we would love to discuss how we can help you. Contact us here.

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