Common Plumbing Problems

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The plumbing in our homes can often be taken for granted, but we all know that freezing temperatures can cause problems and exacerbate existing problems, sometimes leading to urgent plumbing repairs.

In anticipation of that unexpected cold snap, we thought we'd share some tips on how to deal with some common plumbing problems.

Faulty Boiler

One of the most common and aggravating plumbing problems that homeowners face is a faulty boiler. A defective boiler can lead to small volumes of hot water available, only partially heated water or worse, no hot water or heating at all! On a dreary and cold winter's morning, a lukewarm shower is not an ideal way to start the day.

A boiler can malfunction for a number of reasons, from corrosion to mineral deposits to defective sensors tripping its safety systems. It’s always best to get a certified expert out to get the problem assessed.

Leaking Pipes

A leaky pipe is a prime example of a common plumbing problem that is often underestimated, but shouldn’t be. Although a leaky pipe may seem like a minor inconvenience, depending on the pipe’s purpose, it can lead to major issues with your heating system.

Dripping and pooling water can cause significant damage to other materials in your home; wood will rot, metals will rust and damp spots can lead to mould. And worse, stagnant water can lead to a musty smelling home.

If you’ve identified a leaky pipe, don’t put it off - check out our blog on what to do if you’ve got a leaky pipe.

Dripping Taps & Shower Heads

A dripping tap or showerhead can lead to increased water usage and…increased water bills. It may seem like a nominal amount of water at first, but when the amount of water wasted over a year is considered, it is truly mind-boggling.

Faulty Radiators

Sometimes faulty radiators are the result of a wider problem with your central heating system. At other times, it can be a radiator-specific issue. The key point to remember is that faulty radiators can be an unnecessary drain on your energy bill.

Landlords will already know that faulty radiators will quickly lead to unhappy tenants. If you, or your tenants, have noticed an issue with a radiator, it might be worth bleeding your radiators before contacting HandyExperts - see our simple 5-step guide on how to bleed a radiator.

Take Action!

As the days gradually become shorter and daily temperatures begin to fall, it’s natural for the thoughts of homeowners and landlords to turn towards ensuring plumbing is in good condition.

Take action and organise a HandyExperts winter property check. We offer full plumbing inspections complete with detailed reports on areas of concern and possible solutions.

Know that with HandyExperts, you’ll always get 100% transparency around prices and that you, or your tenants, will be dealing with reliable and communicative tradespeople.

We take the hassle out of property maintenance!

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