Why a Regular Service of Your Boiler Can Prevent Future Issues

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One of the things which might jump to mind when you consider regular maintenance of your home is getting your boiler serviced. The key reason for this is simple – SAFETY, and should be at the forefront of every homeowners priorities to significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides the vital issue of safety, there are many more reasons to get your boiler serviced regularly to avoid future problems.

Boiler Replacement
Regular servicing of your boiler reduces the chances of you having to replace your boiler as often as it will be kept in good working order and an optimal condition over a longer period of time. Servicing could uncover minor defects which can be repaired immediately whilst avoiding the cost of a complete replacement.

Save Money
A boiler which is running at optimal efficiency will save money on your gas bills in the long run by burning the correct amount of fuel needed to keep your heating running smoothly and also reduce the risk of your heating and water temperatures being too hot, too cold or unreliable.

Landlord Compliance
If you are renting out your home as a landlord, it is a legal requirement that you have the boiler in your property serviced by a professional every twelve months and respond to issues you have been notified about within a ‘reasonable timeframe’ or within 24 hours in an emergency situation.

Guarantees and Warranty Guidelines
Some boiler warranties and guarantee terms will stipulate the boiler is serviced regularly and that you keep proof of the servicing throughout the life of the warranty to avail of any benefits outlined within it.

We hope this has helped you understand the importance of regular boiler servicing and we would like to include a friendly word of warning; never attempt any repairs or servicing to a boiler yourself and always contact a certified professional.

Summertime is always a good time to approach a professional about getting your boiler serviced as any defects or issues can be identified and fixed before the cold weather comes in or to avoid a common Winter breakdown altogether.

If you are a homeowner or landlord and need a certified plumber to help with your boiler servicing needs, we can help. Get in touch on 0330 912 2323 or request a quick quote for your plumbing needs and all of your jobs around the home.

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