6 Essential Tools to Have in Your Home

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Every homeowner needs to get handy every now and again and whilst you might prefer to call in a pro for those bigger jobs, there are some things you can tackle yourself. If you are unsure what tools you need to get your essential home toolkit started, we have you covered; Here are the basics…

A lot can be achieved with a simple screwdriver and you will need a few different types and sizes in your home. There are a lot of different screwdrivers to choose from but to get started, you’ll need to have a flat head screwdriver and a cross slot screwdriver (commonly known as a Phillips screwdriver) Grab a few different sizes or even better, purchase an interchangeable screwdriver with multiple heads.

Allen Keys
If you can’t use a screwdriver for the job then you can bet an Allen key will come in handy. Also known as a hex key, Allen keys are used for tightening or loosening hexagonal head bolts and screws. Allen keys can be bought in sets containing a number of different sizes and they are the perfect addition to your household tool box.

A Stanley Knife
Stanley knives are a really useful tool to have around the home and have many purposes. They can cut through packing materials such as cardboard, carpet, PVC, insulation, leather and much more. Stanley knives are extremely sharp, so always remember to take the proper safety precautions when using knives and tools around the home such as wearing goggles, gloves and cutting on a stable surface.

A Tape Measure
Tape measures are one of the most versatile tools you can have around the house and can be used for everything from decorating, hanging pictures, gardening to measuring spaces to see if a new piece of furniture will fit. Tape measures are a highly accurate way of measuring anything and are an absolute must for any home toolkit.

A Spirit Level
Alongside a tape measure, a spirit level is another versatile essential in your toolkit which has a range of uses. A tool commonly used by carpenters, a spirit level will provide a visual aid to show you if any surface in your home is level. This could include picture frames, shelves, appliances, flooring and furniture.

A Torch
A good torch or flashlight is worth its weight in gold and should be the number one item every homeowner purchases as part of their toolkit. A torch can be used in emergency situations such as a power cut or electrical failure, it’s common practice to have candles put by for this purpose but they can be unsafe and don’t give out enough light. It’s important to purchase a good quality torch and ensure you have fresh batteries at hand should you need them.

We hope this list has helped you, what other tools would you add to the perfect homeowner toolkit? If you have jobs around the home that are bigger than your toolkit and you need a professional, we can help. Get your instant quote here.

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