5 Tips for Keeping Your Property in Tip Top Condition!

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Whether you own or rent your home, it’s important to maintain it regularly to avoid losing value (or your deposit!) in the long-run. If you do rent, there are some tasks that your landlord will need to take care of as per your agreement but if you just need some tips to upkeep your home all year round, you’re in the right place! Read on for our advice on keeping your property in tip top condition…

Inspect Regularly
One of the most vital tasks for keeping your property in good shape is knowing it inside and out and inspecting for damage regularly. Check window seals, smoke alarms, locks and window catches, radiators and electrical sockets. If you notice damage and it’s not a safe fix, be sure to draft in a professional to help. If it involves plumbing or electrics and you aren’t a certified professional, it’s vital you don’t attempt any repairs yourself.

Clean, Tidy and Free from Clutter
Clean, tidy and clutter free is half the battle! If your cleaning style is haphazard, try
marking days on a calendar and cycling it monthly or yearly, noting down when certain jobs need to be done including washing the outside bins, de-cluttering the shed or cleaning windows. You can use this method for inside too. Spread big jobs out through the year so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Check for Leaks
This is a biggie. Check for leaks in and around your property on a regular basis as even a very small leak has the potential to become a very big problem. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, have you noticed damp patches or peeling wallpaper or paint? You might even hear dripping. Always call a professional to help tackle plumbing issues to avoid a problem getting out of hand.

Maintain Moisture Levels
The moisture levels inside your home should be kept stable. Open your windows to maintain good ventilation, dry your laundry outside if you can and use a dehumidifier in problem areas. if the property is particularly susceptible to damp or has low ventilation, you might want to look at installing air vents or an extractor fan.

Use the Right Tools or Company for the Job
We are sure your neighbours don’t mind lending you a tool or two but it makes sense to have all the equipment you need to maintain your property to hand when you need them. Items like a power washer, a hose, a lawnmower and basic tools and gardening equipment for outside and the correct cleaning tools and cleaning fluids for inside are all useful. If you feel like you can’t carry out a job safely or you don’t have the expertise, always call a professional.

If you need an expert, we are here to help. Get in touch on 0330 912 2323 or request a quick quote for all of your jobs around the home.

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